Sunday, 15 August 2010

Floral Wallpaper!!

I did another one!! Made it into a wallpaper (: is pretty cool I think as is the first time i have mase a seamless wallpaper. I have it as my desktop wallpaper (:

Jordan xoxo

Flower pressing and Normal Flowers

Well...this isn't exactly photography but has something to do with photography as I got the inspiration to do this from a photographer caller Clare Dawson, Check her out (: . I generally am doing this for art project I'm doing at A2.

This is the finished piece. I first took a picture of the flowers that I have pressed right from my own backyard; on white piece of paper.

This is the original raw image that I took. I then Erased the background to turn it into a psd, which i then added a soft blue colour as the background. After that I copied each flower and layered them behind the original psd image and change the opacity to 25%. 

I also have these images that I took and yet to do something with:

And lots more, I'll post the finished edited ones when I've done them (:

Jordan xoxo

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Your an Inspiration

Just a bit of a spare of the moment thing. Was watching Ellie Goulding - Under the Sheets and noticed she had a heart shape drawn on her fingers and were pulling them apart and thought it would make a good picture to make and just have a mess about with editing (:

Check it out (:

Vlogging Monday i shall take some snaps and stuff yeeeya 

Jordan xoxox

Monday, 9 August 2010

Butterflies, Flowers and Summer !

Well today I thought I would for once get some snaps of some butterflies today as have not done much with nature and stuff. I don't want to move away from taking photos of nature as i think it's wonderful and captivating but I think I would have a much more successful career taking pictures of people as it is such a big industry out there. I want to be a part of that baby!

Any how here's the best photo or photos of the day. Same butterfly but from different angles and stuff (:

Jordan xoxo

P.S  I got accepted on Model Mayhem yeeeya any you people who are on there add me or even book a shoot with me free of charge of course. (:

Sunday, 8 August 2010

08/08/2010 - Welcome (:

Hello People (:

I thought it was about time I started up a blog specifically for my photography, which I shall post shoots I have done, out takes, links and information of artists and photographers, just a pile of things that are to do with generally photography and a diary of shoots and stuff.

I am on the following:

If you would like to get in contact with me my email is -
Please don't hesitate to ask questions or even book a shoot with me (:

Jordan xox