Sunday, 15 August 2010

Flower pressing and Normal Flowers

Well...this isn't exactly photography but has something to do with photography as I got the inspiration to do this from a photographer caller Clare Dawson, Check her out (: . I generally am doing this for art project I'm doing at A2.

This is the finished piece. I first took a picture of the flowers that I have pressed right from my own backyard; on white piece of paper.

This is the original raw image that I took. I then Erased the background to turn it into a psd, which i then added a soft blue colour as the background. After that I copied each flower and layered them behind the original psd image and change the opacity to 25%. 

I also have these images that I took and yet to do something with:

And lots more, I'll post the finished edited ones when I've done them (:

Jordan xoxo

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  1. it might be better if you scanned the flowers into a computer with a high resolution, the image quality is amazing and great for photoshop.